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why a phoenix?

AT EMPOWERED INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CENTER, we choose the Phoenix as the focal point of our logo because it represents so many of the ideals and the hope that we desire to see in our patients and clients. As one of the oldest symbols on earth the Phoenix represents different things to different cultures, but they all seem to run along the same path. At Empowered we believe that the Phoenix represents that we can arise from the flames of our challenges, pains, struggles, and setbacks as a winner, beating all life’s challenges and defeating hard times.



Our providers and therapists are committed to treating the WHOLE person, not just the problem! We believe strongly that the interplay between mind, body and spirit are center to our ability to heal from injury and trauma. Constantly researching the ever-changing landscape of pain management, tissue healing and stress relief we strive to stay on top of the curve providing our Empowered family with a variety of options and approaches that best fit their needs.

Patty Glenn

patty Glenn ... Empowering Passion

Founder Patty Glenn has a passion for collaboration, community and health. She loves Monroe and in addition to managing day to day operations of EIH Center, she enjoys seeing patients, working with her team, being a member of Rotary and serving as the current President of the Downtown Monroe Association.

Patty has been a licensed massage therapist for 22 years but her connection to bodywork extends back more than 35 years. Born to an amazing mother, who also happened to be a physical therapist, Patty was blessed to learn about the human body and movement at a young age. Her mother’s passion for helping others drove Patty to explore Athletic Training in High School and College eventually landing her at Seattle Massage School in Everett where her love for bodywork was further solidified.

Patty's passion created a number of different opportunities in the field of massage a few of which include; teacher, massage school President, state regulator, FSMTB founder and even being inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. But Patty says nothing will ever replace the feeling of helping someone regain strength and function and/or decrease pain. Dozens of specialized trainings have added technique and skill to her tool bag. She has yet to find a client or a challenge she didn't welcome and enjoy.

Patty is the proud mother of three children and currently resides in Kirkland where her youngest attends High School. However relocating to the Monroe area is definitely in her future!

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